• Do not apply chemicals to your hair without
    a consultation from a professional stylist.
  • Do not brush, scratch or shampoo hair and
    scalp before any chemical service.
  • Never apply a relaxer and a tint on the same
    day or week.
  • Do not re-apply a relaxer before six weeks
    has elapsed. Do not re-apply permanent wave before eight to
    twelve weeks has elapsed.
  • Do not use the so called “no lye relaxer”.
    In the long term, they will damage your hair and your child’s
    hair too!
  • Do not press and curl chemically treated
    hair. Stop allowing blow and go salons to use irons on your

  • Never blow dry wet hair. Towel-dry your hair
    first. Apply setting lotion or leave in conditioner. Then sit
    under a dryer until all moisture is absorbed. Allowing hair
    cuticle to close. Then you can blow dry your hair on a medium

  • Never use sponge rollers-they will absorb
    all the moisture and conditioners from your hair.
  • When sleeping do not place rollers where
    your head will touch the pillow. Stress caused by the roller
    will tear and weaken the hair. Set the top of your head. Wrap
    your hair around your head or pin clip your hair.
  • Do not use plastic brushes-natural or boar-bristle
    brushes are best.

  • Never wear a plastic cap to bed if you have
    a permanent wave, your scalp and hair will become rancid.
  • Do not wear wool scarves or hats without
    a silk lining.

  • Do not use tight uncovered rubber bands on
    your hair.

  • Do not add dead hair, synthetic hair or wool
    to your hair. Every head of hair has potential with the right
    treatment. Find out what yours is before you do more damage!
  • Do not have a chemical service after the
    seventh month of pregnancy.
  • Do not use any chemical on your hair before
    any major surgery.


  • Do have the proper hair analysis to determine
    the right products for your hair texture.
  • Conditioning is mandatory every time you
    have a chemical.

  • Allow a six-month interval or three inches
    of new growth between application of a relaxer and a permanent
  • If your scalp is sensitive to chemical service,
    apply oil to the scalp.

  • Advise your stylist of any medications you
    are taking (specifically tranquilizers or diet pills) before
    a chemical service.
  • Do have your hair shaped or ends trimmed
    after every chemical service to avoid split ends.
  • Do sleep on a satin pillow case-cotton robs
    the hair of moisture. Or wrap your hair in a silk wrap.
  • Do rinse out chlorine and salt water after

  • Do cover your hair when spending time in
    the sun.

  • Do shampoo your hair after a workout or strenuous
    exercise. The salt from perspiration will erode your hair.
    If you work out more than once a week consult your stylist
    for your particular needs.
  • Do cover your hair when you go in the sauna.
    You can leave your hair uncovered in a steam room.

  • Do use conditioning shampoos and creme conditioners
    on natural hair and very dry hair.

  • Always maintain a balanced diet with exercise
    for a healthy head of hair.

Hair Care Tips for Braids & Twists

  • Hair should have 3 to 4 weeks of new growth
    prior to braiding.
  • Spray braids at scalp area with Better Braids.
  • Twisted hair should be shampooed and conditioned
    every two weeks.
  • Do not leave braids in longer than two months.
  • After removing braids leave undone overnight
    and oil the hair with jojoba or coconut oil.
  • After you take the braids out, get a protein
    and set the hair.